Fleet Management

Aesculap’s Fleet Management program includes inventory management, right-sizing of instrument sets, repairs, maintenance, and replacement of surgical assets so that your facility can focus on what’s most important—patient care. The comprehensive program increases surgical instrument tray uptime without any capital requirements, providing your surgical staff with the tools they need to do their jobs. 

The Program

The Fleet Management program provides high quality surgical products and services that includes maintenance, repairs and replacements. The program also eliminates upfront capital expenditures and facilitates expense planning by providing a predictable monthly fee.

Fleet Categories

Program Benefits

  • Flat monthly fee
  • Standardized instruments sets
  • Optimized instrument sets
  • Includes repairs and replacements of non-repairable items
  • Reallocate capital toward strategic investments
  • Fixed, predictable expenses
  • Right sizing of surgical tray inventories
  • Consistent, high quality, modern instrumentation
  • Professional management of instrumentation
Woman in scrubs pushing cart with sterile containers