ELAN® 4 Power System

Enhancing Precision and Efficiency in Healthcare

Aesculap, a trusted name in the healthcare industry, offers the ELAN 4 Power System – an advancement in surgical instrumentation designed to enhance precision and efficiency. With a focus on patient safety and surgeon satisfaction, the ELAN 4 Power System is set to redefine surgical performance across a range of medical disciplines.

A Power System Designed to Provide Unparalleled Precision and Control

As a leading medical device manufacturer, we have helped to transform the industry with our powerful direct drive motor, purposefully located in the handpiece. By eliminating angled gears and mechanical couplings from our handpieces, we have effectively minimized friction, which helps to reduce the risk of overheating and chatter. Our system combines an ergonomic design with intelligent functionalities, allowing surgeons to operate with utmost confidence and accuracy. 

Key Features and Benefits of the ELAN 4 Power System

  1. Direct Drive Motor: The ELAN 4 features a powerful direct drive motor located in the handpiece providing direct power transfer to the burr or blade helping to ensure optimal efficiency and performance during surgical procedures. With every handpiece having a dedicated direct drive motor, the motor-to-set ratio sets ELAN 4 apart from the competition.
  2. Enhanced Cleanability: The ELAN 4 power system can be submerged and flushed for manual and mechanical cleaning to remove bioburden and to clean out the inner lumens.
  3. Lightweight and Ergonomic Handpieces: The ELAN 4 features lightweight and ergonomic handpieces that are designed to have better balance for comfort and precision during long surgical procedures.
  4. Universal Burr Length and Clear Coding: The ELAN 4 comes with universal burr lengths and clear coding, making it easy for healthcare providers to select the appropriate burr for each procedure. All 1 ring burrs are compatible with all 1 ring handpieces and all 2 ring burrs are compatible with 2 ring handpieces.
  5. Plug and Play Philosophy: The ELAN 4 features a plug and play philosophy, designed to allow healthcare providers to integrate the device quickly and easily into their existing surgical workflows. 

Unlocking the Future of Surgical Excellence

With the ELAN 4 Power System, Aesculap reaffirms its commitment to “Envision the Extraordinary,” advancing surgical excellence and elevating patient outcome. Our dedication to innovation and collaboration has resulted in a system that meets the evolving needs of surgeons and patients alike.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of the ELAN 4 Power System. Experience firsthand the future of surgical instrumentation and discover how Aesculap is transforming healthcare, one procedure at a time.