ELAN® 4 Power System

The Next Generation Surgical Power System

Aesculap Power Systems are the result of an uncompromising development effort and years of experience in powered surgical instruments.  Aesculap's passionate commitment to high quality and innovation has resulted in the development of the ELAN 4 Power System, the next generation of electric power system. With a new technical concept, the ELAN 4 Power System addresses important requirements of the surgeon and all parties involved in handling power systems in the hospital.


  • Passive safety automatically locks burr when the motor is turned on
  • Uncomplicated handling


  • Intuitive “Plug-N-Play” assembly for all tools and attachments
  • Simplifies the OR Integrated motor eliminates matching of components 
  • Universal burr length and clear coding of burrs - All types and sizes of burrs are available for all handpiece lengths; Reduces inventory carrying cost and shelf space; Offers savings potential


Direct Drive: 

  • No loss of power
  • Delivers smooth running properties
  • Reduces heating and noise
  • Improves ergonomics/weight/size/balance
  • Fewer components