The Data-Powered, Smart OR

How Smart is your Periop?

OR and SPD inefficiencies can hold you back

Research shows that 30% of healthcare costs are due to waste in the system, equating to $49 billion annually.1 Sterile processing is a large contributor. Here’s some of the waste we’ve seen: 

  • Instrument utilization rates of surgical trays can be as low as 13%
  • 60 different versions of one single instrument name
  • $100 is the cost of one minute of lost OR time which can be due to unavailability of instruments2
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The Data-Powered, Smart OR

Imagine having timely, reliable data to tell you what instruments you have, what instruments you use and what instruments you need based on your usage data and OR schedule. Actionable analytics to help you pivot and optimize. You’ll have a clearer picture of your inventory so the right instruments are ready for surgery to help increase productivity, eliminate waste, reduce complexity and elevate surgical quality.

You can clean up data inaccuracies, identify quality issues, optimize surgical inventories to save costs, make and lock in changes, and identify preventative maintenance improvements to help you meet the demands of the OR.

Aesculap and Ascendco Health – Advancing Healthcare Together

Two industry leaders coming together to help you uncover the waste in your OR that is keeping you from running at maximum efficiency

The Aesculap and Ascendco partnership combines expertise in Surgical Asset Management with data analytics and advanced instrument management software to create superior perioperative performance through standardization and optimization of surgical inventories.

How Smart is your Periop? Take our Periop IQ Test. 

Answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. Do you often observe unused instruments or trays? 
  2. Do you often observe overloaded instrument trays?  
  3. Do you have trays that are turning the same day (fast track or stat turns)?  
  4. Do you experience surgical delays due to missing, broken or incorrect instruments?  
  5. Do you feel you are missing the correct data/information needed to optimally process surgical instruments?  
  6. Are you concerned about the accuracy of your count sheets and/or preference cards? 

If you’ve answered yes to one or more questions, we’re ready to help!

1, December 10, 2018.
2 Aesculap, data on file.