SPD Process Ready Analysis 

SPD Process Ready Analysis

To meet OR demands for accurate, on-time and functional instrument sets, Aesculap has launched an SPD Process Ready Analysis, developed to improve SPD efficiencies. 

Your Department, Your Data, Your Solution

Our experts will take a close look at your department and apply data-driven workflow analytics to understand your instrument usage, department staffing and equipment capacity. The result? Individualized solutions to help you support surgery with what’s needed, when it’s needed, every time.

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The overall evaluation includes but is not limited to:

  • Review of the current staffing model for opportunities of higher staff utilization based on workflow demands
  • Calculation of the current capacity and utilization of all major processing equipment and assembly stations with comparisons across the days of the week to identify challenges
  • Analysis of surgical data to identify misalignments with sterile processing volumes and/or requirements and create a predictive metric to identify challenges earlier in the process
  • Onsite observations to validate analysis and identify additional opportunities for efficiency

Post analysis, your facility will be more proactively positioned to manage variable OR demand and will be equipped with:

  • Strategic staffing model based on projected volume increases by surgical specialty
  • Forecast with insights on equipment capacity, utilization and average daily processing rates
  • Detailed notes to help manage anticipated shifts in the OR block schedule
  • Key efficiency metrics and recommendations for the number of sets and instruments to be processed per hour of the day