Sterile Container Systems

Reduce Cost, Waste and Risk

As the market leader in sterile containers, Aesculap can help you lower operating expenses, support green purchasing initiatives and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Sterilization container system products by Aesculap are recognized by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for their quality. Aesculap offers an extensive range of containers, baskets and accessories to meet all of your instrument sets and reprocessing requirements. Deliver the right instrument set, to the right place, on time with the Aesculap SterilContainer System™. 


Variety of Aesculap SterilContainers

Chart showing various sterile container features

Standardize Your Containers

Aesculap has more than 10 FDA Clearances allowing you to standardize on one brand of sterile containers. Standardizing your containers can reduce product and process variability and may lead to:

  • Increased efficiencies in the OR-SPD reprocessing cycle
  • Simplified documentation process
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Simplified training of new employees
  • Reduced OR-SPD employee stress
  • Improved patient outcomes due to a lower chance of errors and case delays

Aesculap SterilContainer System Benefits

  • Extensive range of container sizes and heights to meet all your instrument sets requirements
  • Lightweight aluminum construction that is 15% to 20% lighter than leading competitors helps you meet AAMI 25lbs weight recommendation
  • 90° Stop handle protects staff from finger injuries during handling.
  • Single motion latch design secures container quickly to reduce time and hassle in SPD and OR
  • One step retention plate with audible “click” secures filter to simplify operations and improves processing time
  • Able to containerize pre-configured instrument sets including orthopedic, spine and specialty medical devices
  • Undisputed rigid sterile container leader in quality and features provides you the confidence over the 10+ year service life
Variety of Aesculap SterilContainers

Aesculap SterilContainer basket showing instrument organization


Aesculap offers a wide range of baskets as well as the largest selection of Instrument Organizational System (IOS) pieces which allow you to customize your own instruments sets.

Benefits of organized instrument sets:

  • Extend instrument life by securing and organized instruments so they are less likely to be damaged during processing and transportation 
  • Maximize instrument set availability through fewer required repairs and increased life span
  • Increases OR efficiency by allowing staff to quickly identify and select the correct instrument reducing surgical case time

Pre-Configured Trays

Aesculap also offers pre-configured trays for specialty products like the da Vinci SP Scope, Aesculap spine retractors and more.

Aesculap SterilContainer containing da Vinci SP Scope

Sterile Containers with a variety of instruments and medical devices

Third Party Compatibility

Aesculap is the leader in rigid sterile containers. Most leading orthopedic, spine and specialty instrument manufacturers have performed validation testing in our containers. Please review the current IFU from the medical device instrument manufacturer to confirm they meet the parameters required to containerize their sets.