Surgical Asset Management Experts

Aesculap’s expert consultants help provide custom solutions for your CSD and OR. We aim to improve your facility’s operational and financial performance by applying best practices and implementing reprocessing improvements. Aesculap consultants not only identify the root cause of issues, but also assist the facility with hands-on implementation of customized solutions.

Meet the Experts

Alan Stout

Alan has more than 10 years of medical device and healthcare services experience, which includes various roles in Marketing, Product Management and Consulting. He maintains CCSVP certification through IAHCSMM. He has extensive experience in healthcare logistics, process improvement and engagement leadership.

Bryan Stuart

Bryan has more than 25 years of experience working in the medical sector, which includes 20 years working with an FDA-Regulated third party reprocessor of sterile, ready-to-use surgical linens, basin sets and surgical instrumentation. During this time, his functions included quality assurance, distribution and five years as a plant manager. Many of these roles resulted in direct contact with departments such as Surgical Services, Sterile Processing and Supply Chain. He has assisted facilities with process improvement to drive efficiency, regulatory compliance and sterile supplies management, with a focus on moving to a Just in Time (JIT) delivery model. Bryan maintains his CCSVP IAHCSMM certification.

Christian Abell

Christian has 18 years of perioperative experience, where he has held various roles, including certified surgical technologist, CSD manager, OR instrument coordinator and ER paramedic. He maintains CRCST and CIS certifications and is a certified instructor through IAHCSMM. Christian has managed three SPD facilities over his 18 years in Washington D.C. and Virginia. He has extensive knowledge in SPD/supply logistics and process-flow, including the use of tracking systems. Christian also provides specialized technical competence and verification of SPD equipment efficacy. 

Rance Barham

Rance has 19 years of medical device and healthcare services experience, which includes various roles in sales, training and consulting. Rance is a United States Navy Veteran and holds a Masters in Biomechanics and Prosthetics. He maintains CCSVP certification through IAHCSMM. He has extensive experience in process improvement, engagement leadership and training management.

John A. Best

John has 38 years of perioperative expertise in various roles including surgical technologist, laser specialist, laparoscopic specialist and high-value instruments specialist. He was CSSD/MM supervisor and CSSD/MM manager for several IDNs. John is CRCST, CHL and CIS certified. He created, and was President of, the Ohio Buckeye Chapter Association for CSSD Professionals and has been a member of IAHCSMM. He has a seat on the IAHCSMM Orthopaedic Council Committee, was awarded IAHCSMM Manager of the Year and his chapter won IAHCSMM Chapter of the Year, twice. John is a member of the 3M Sterile Leadership Council and he has served on two college advisory boards. He has participated as a subject matter expert on several lean team committees that have improved the efficiencies in the CSSD. 

Debra Burns

Debra has 36 years of experience working in the sterile processing field, with 13 years in SPD consulting and 20 years in management. Debra maintains certifications such as CRCST, CIS and CHL and is a certified instructor through IAHCSMM. She also maintains certification as a Lean Black Belt Professional (LBBP). Her consulting experience includes interim management, process improvement, IAHCSMM certification course instruction, new construction logistics, SPD assessments and asset management relating to instrument tracking systems. Debra has managed four healthcare system SPDs, ranging from a multi-facility healthcare system in Saudi Arabia to a teaching medical center in the United States. Debra has served as President of the Nebraskaland Central Service Association. She was a member of the ASHCSP Education Committee. 

Yeshe Lama

Yeshe has 19 years of healthcare services experience, where she has held various roles, including certified central services lead technician, instrument management facilitator, instrument tracking system consultant and CSD implementation consultant. She maintains triple crown certification status as a CRCST, CIS and CHL through IAHCSMM. She has extensive knowledge in SPD instrument tracking system implementations, consulting and implementation engagements.

Kurt Nilsson

Kurt has more than 40 years of experience in the perioperative field, where he has obtained an objective perspective of the inner workings of the healthcare industry and SPD procedures. Kurt’s start in hospital laundry in Sweden, and his role as a custodian at a Seattle hospital, provided the foundation and humility needed for a successful career in the healthcare field. Since then, Kurt has worked at four Northwest hospitals in the areas of sterile processing and operating room processes and logistics, instrument management and repairs, instrument set management, inventory control and vendor liaison and purchasing. Kurt maintains IAHCSMM’s CRCST, CIS, CHL certifications.  

David E. Ortiz

David is a United States Marine Corps veteran who has 23 years of healthcare experience, beginning as a surgical technician and then a laparoscopic coordinator before later transitioning to healthcare sales. Since joining Aesculap, he has held multiple roles including senior sales representative, SAM sales consultant and CSD lead consultant. David has extensive experience with surgical instrumentation, tracking systems and count sheet management. He holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and maintains a CCSVP certification from IAHCSMM.

Juan Ramos

Juan has more than 30 years of healthcare experience. He has served as a director of sterile processing and supply chain as well as provided consulting services to some of the largest healthcare systems in the country. Juan has also held the role of sterile processing and surgery supplies manager for a level one trauma center in Texas. He brings experience in regulatory compliance, financial analysis, forecasting/modeling, asset management, supply chain management, DNV and TJC audits and provider compensation design and analysis. Juan has extensive training in infectious disease prevention and management. He holds IAHCSMM CRCST, CHL, and CIS certifications.

Michael Thompson

Michael has more than 20 years of perioperative experience, where he has held the roles of certified sterile processing technician, certified CSD manager, clinical operations manager and robotic sterile reprocessing specialist II. Michael has managed several SPDs across the United States as a third party consultant. He brings extensive knowledge in SPD workflow and best practices, applying recognized industry standards including JCAHO and AAMI. He has experience in SPD education, training, workflow and compliance readiness as well as knowledge of robotic surgery instrument and accessories best practices.