Surgical Asset Management Experts

Aesculap’s expert consultants help provide custom solutions for your CSD and OR. We aim to improve your facility’s operational and financial performance by applying best practices and implementing reprocessing improvements. Aesculap consultants not only identify the root cause of issues, but also assist the facility with hands-on implementation of customized solutions.

Meet the Experts

Daniel has 18 years of global medical device and healthcare services experience. His years of expertise provide a successful pathway for implementation of SPD best practices. As Senior Director of Sales Consulting Services & Field Operations, Daniel and his team are dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of patient care through the execution of Surgical Asset Management solutions.

Alan has 9 years of medical device and healthcare services experience, which includes various roles in Marketing, Product Management and Consulting. He maintains CCSVP certification through IAHCSMM. He has extensive experience in healthcare logistics, process improvement and engagement leadership.

Bryan has over 24 years of experience working in the medical sector, which includes 20 years working with an FDA Regulated third party reprocessor of sterile ready to use surgical linens, basins sets and surgical instrumentation. During this time period, his functions included, Quality Assurance, Distribution and five years as Plant Manager. Many of these roles resulted in direct contact with Surgical Services, Sterile Processing and Supply Chain. He has assisted facilities with process improvement to drive efficiency and regulatory compliance, sterile supplies (Instruments and Medsurg) management with a focus on moving to a JIT (just in time) delivery model through utilization of materials and establishment / management of par levels, as well as off site Case Cart picking with JIT delivery. Brian has recently achieved his CCSVP IAHCSMM certification.

Christian has 18 years of  Perioperative experience, which includes various roles from Certified Surgical Technologist to CSD Manager, OR Instrument Coordinator, and ER Paramedics. He maintains certifications as a CRCST, CIS, and is a certified instructor through IAHCSMM. Christian has managed three SPD facilities over his 18 years in Washington D.C. and Virginia. He has extensive knowledge in SPD/Supply logistics and process-flow to include application in use of tracking systems. Christian also provides specialized technical competence and verification of SPD equipment efficacy.