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Real-Time Tracking and Insights for Optimal SPD Efficiency

Missing surgical sets can significantly impact hospital operations, costing both time and money. Finding them can be a source of stress for sterile processing departments (SPD) and operating room (OR) teams. Pairing real-time location services (RTLS) technology with our AESCULAP Aicon® Sterile Container System is designed to improve SPD efficiency to help provide the OR with the instruments they need, when they need them. This integration delivers real-time, automated tracking data and insights to help avoid surgical delays, reduce manual processes and streamline workflows between both departments.

Enhance Your Surgical Set Tracking

Help transform your sterile processing workflows with:

  • Real-Time Tracking
    Monitor sets with real-time updates to help avoid missing inventory.
  • Less Scanning, More Visibility
    Get more location points while eliminating manual scanning and information dead zones.
  • Automation-Boosted Accuracy
    Get reliable location information automatically, helping to reduce the risk of human error or delays from manual scans.
  • New Levels of Workflow Management
    Use real-time location data and process insights to help optimize workflows and staffing prioritization.
  • Seamless System Integration
    Minimal IT resources needed for a straightforward setup with limited downtime for implementation.

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