Onsite Assessments

Onsite Assessments

Aesculap provides onsite assessments of surgical instruments and sterile packaging to identify potential areas for quality and operational improvement. Our experienced specialists will conduct an evaluation and provide you with detailed reports that include findings and recommendations. Request an onsite assessment today and see how your facility compares to the figures we are seeing across the nation.

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Pie chart showing percentage of US instrument quality observations

Instrument Condition Assessments

Aesculap evaluates and repairs over a million surgical instruments each year. Our data shows that less than 50% of instruments in a surgical set are fit for use1. This increases surgical set downtime and can lead to delayed cases.  

Our team of highly trained Healthcare Solution Specialists perform on-site instrument condition assessments and help identify problems within your surgical sets. The assessment is an easy way to establish a baseline for your fleet and the first step in overall asset preservation. Using data from the assessment, our specialists can partner with you to implement a preventative maintenance program for your surgical instrument fleet. A good preventative maintenance program can decrease your future instrument replacements by as much as 20%2.  This means cost savings to your facility and the peace of mind knowing that each surgical set is ready for use on time, every time.

Sterile Packaging Assessments

By converting to sterile rigid containers, a medium size hospital can save up to $20K annually in disposable operating expenses and more than 150 hours in processing time.3

The Aesculap Sterile Packaging Assessment shows you the potential cost savings benefits of converting from wrap to sterile rigid containers. Our team will review your current instrument sets to identify the areas that will provide your facility with the biggest process improvements and cost savings. We can also develop a long term conversion plan for your whole fleet and help you provide implementation assistance.

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Chart showing top sterile packaging issues observed
Illustration of savings and waste

Container Condition Assessments

Average to large hospitals have a fleet of more than 2004 rigid reusable sterile containers, many of which are used multiple times per week or even per day. In addition, facilities generally have containers of different ages and conditions. 

When properly maintained, containers may last 10 years or more5.  But, like all reusable medical devices, the rigid sterile containers require regular inspection. 

Aesculap is the authority in reusable sterile containers.  Our trained experts can help you assess the condition of your sterile container fleet and provide an actionable plan to make sure you  deliver optimal  surgical assets  to the OR on time, every time. Your Aesculap Healthcare Solutions Specialist can also help you establish an ongoing container maintenance program to keep your fleet in superior condition.

Set up your container condition assessment to gain a greater understanding of your fleet condition today.

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Pie chart showing overall results of container condition

1,2,3,4,5 Data on file at Aesculap.