Wrap to Rigid

Global demand for PPE is here to stay. Switch to rigid sterile containers and reduce the need for blue wrap, helping to keep the resources where they’re needed most. 

PPE Demand Is Creating Blue Wrap Shortages

Sterilization is critical to your operation. As many blue wrap manufacturers answer the call and turn resources to the manufacture of critical PPE, some healthcare facilities are seeing a shortage of blue wrap. If you’re experiencing gaps in supply, now might be the right time to switch to rigid containers and help take the pressure off the strained PPE market.

Blue wrap with close-up of puncture hole.

Benefits Beyond Availability

As the market leader in sterile containers, we have supply to help meet your needs. But, the benefits go far beyond that. 

  • Reduce OR Case Delays - The Aesculap SterilContainerTM System helps reduce OR case delays since containers can’t be penetrated, punctured or torn. 
  • Long-term Cost Reduction - Aesculap sterilization containers can achieve up to 80% cost savings over disposable sterilization blue wrap. Medium-sized hospitals can save up to $20k annually in disposable operating expenses alone.*
  • Go Green - Support green purchasing initiatives by moving away from one-time use sterilization methods.

Want to Learn More about Converting Your Facility to Aesculap’s SterilContainer System?

Click here to request a customized conversion assessment and learn about the potential savings and waste reduction that you could see in your facility while meeting your sterilization needs.

*Data on file. Medium-sized hospital processes 10,400 sets annually (40 sets processed/day x 260 working days per year).
1 Data on file.