Neurosurgical Instruments

High Quality Surgical Instruments

Neurosurgical Instruments

High Quality Surgical Instruments

Microsurgery and Neurosurgery, like almost every medical discipline, require standardized instruments. Surgical Instruments and their standardization have been Aesculap's core business for more than 140 years.

The words, "Made by Aesculap" have gained worldwide recognition as a synonym for unrivaled quality and reliability. Each of Aesculap's products is characterized by functionality and continuity. Through innovative new products and continuous development of existing products, Aesculap strives to make neurosurgical interventions safer and more efficient.

Aesculap Neurosurgical Instruments:

  • ScalpFix® Scalp Clip System
  • Sensation Micro Neurosurgical Instruments
  • EC/IC Bypass Instruments
  • MIN Instruments
  • Krisht Transsphenoidal Neurosurgical Instrument Set
  • Krisht Microvascular Neurosurgical Instrument Set
  • Al Mefty Skull Base Neurosurgical Instrument Set
  • Bayonet Style Microdisectomy Neurosurgical Instruments
  • Aesculap Spine Retraction System
  • Diamond Knives

    ScalpFix® Scalp Clip System

    • Sterile, single use, preloaded cartridge for efficiency in the OR
    • Slim clip design aids in less trauma for the patient
    • Reusable applicator allows for cost savings opportunities
    • Cartridge available in black polymer or aluminum

     Sensation Micro Neurosurgical Instruments

    • Angled bayonet shape for enhanced sight lines
    • Slender jaws for optimal visibility and access to tight corridors
    • Fine jaws for delicate microsurgery
    • Color-coded and textured handles for easy identification and ergonomic grip

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    EC/IC Bypass Instruments

    • MIcro scissors, micro forceps and needle holders in short, medium and long working lengths to allow exposure of varying surgical field depths
    • Round golf ball handle design provides a secure grip

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    MIN Instruments

    • Over 60 micro instruments designed for minimally invasive procedures
    • Fine instrument tips for working in narrow spaces and around sensitive structures
    • Golf ball handle design improves grip
    • All instruments are Noir™ coated

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     Krisht Transsphenoidal Neurosurgical Instrument Set

    • Comprehensive selection of over 75 instruments
    • Designed to meet all clinical needs from basal exposure to tumor resection
    • Rotatable ring curettes offer flexibility and reduce the number of required configurations

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    Krisht Microvascular Neurosurgical Instrument Set

    • Comprehensive selection of instruments for delicate microvascular anastomosis procedures
    • Wide spectrum of converage - high and low flow bypasses
    • Efficient system with color-coded instruments and trays

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    Al Mefty Skull Base Neurosurgical Instrument Set

    • Designed to incorporate ergonomic principles that enhance precision and dexterity
    • Shaft is optimized for precision grip and fine movements
    • Sharp tips allow for precise dissection, while a blunt outer contour protects surrounding tissues

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    • Serrated blades prevent the wire from slipping out of the jaws and cut the wire smoothly
    • Integrated orange pin provides clear identification of the Aesculap wire cutting scissors
    • Microform handles ensure a safe grip with greater balance and a comfortable weight

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    Bayonet Style Microdisectomy Neurosurgical Instruments

    • Bayonet design for improved visualization
    • Ergonomic handle for enhanced control
    • Multiple tip configurations and geometries

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    Aesculap Spine Retraction System

    • Titanium retractor blades provide radiolucent imaging
    • Hinged and rigid frame design
    • Multiple blade and hook configurations

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    Diamond Knives

    • Four different cutting geometries: round, retrograde, 45° wedge, and lancet blade
    • Clean, precise and force-free incisions
    • Color coded titanium handles

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