Suction Cannulas for Neurosurgery

Suction Cannulas Portfolio

From the classic suction instrument for neurosurgery to very fine suction instruments for narrow approaches, Aesculap offers a portfolio of suction cannulas to meet your needs.

FUKUSHIMA-Design Suction Cannulas

By its drop shaped suction interrupter, FUKUSHIMA-Design suction cannula ensures excellent fine control of the suction power.


  • Extremely fine suction control due to tear drop shaped suction interrupter
  • Individual adaption of the suction tube due to bendable material
  • Conical suction tube prevents plugging
  • Atraumatic distal tip


  • Conical suction tube made of malleable material 
  • Suction cannula supplied complete with stylet 
  • Large and clear labeling of outer diameter and length on the thumb plate, for quick and easy identification
  • FUKUSHIMA-Design suction tubes are available in 4 lengths and 8 diameters – 3 to 12 French

RAABE Micro Suction Cannulas

Our special atraumatic micro suction cannulas for neurosurgery – for gentle and safe preparation with the rigid cannula.


  • Fine suction devices for even the narrowest approaches
  • Very stable suction tube for retraction and suction
  • Ideal for precise dissections
  • Atraumatic instrument tip


  • Drop shaped suction-interrupter
  • Coded widths and lengths
  • Micro suction cannulas are available in three different diamaters and four different lengths

Modular Suction Cannulas

  • Greater cost savings and flexibility coupled with familiar strengths
  • Damaged suction tubes can be replaced individually
  • Greater freedom for even more flexible use
  • Tear drop shaped thumb control offers very precise suction regulation
  • Malleable material for individual forming of the suction tube
  • Conical design of the tube reduces plugging

FERGUSSON Suction Cannulas

FERGUSSON suction cannulas with their round, thumb-operated suction interrupter are the classic suction instruments for neurosurgery.


  • Stable suction tube for retraction and suction
  • Grip plate with suction interrupter for controlled suction power
  • Ergonomic handling due to 90° angulation between grip plate and suction cannula
  • FERGUSSON suction cannulas are in 4 lengths and 6 diameters – 1.5 to 5 mm available