Micro Instruments for Neurosurgery


Surgical procedures that reduce patient trauma have made minimally invasive procedures one of the main trends in surgery. However, the protection of the close-by organ regions and prevention of functional deficiency remain a challenging task. For this reason, we have designed a specially dedicated set of fine instruments – the Aesculap MIN set.

MIN Instruments

  • Over 60 micro instruments designed for minimally invasive procedures
  • Fine instrument tips for working in narrow spaces and around sensitive structures
  • Golf ball handle design improves grip
  • All instruments have the NOIR coating

Krisht Transsphenoidal Neurosurgical Instrument

  • Comprehensive selection of over 75 instruments
  • Designed to meet all clinical needs from basal exposure to tumor resection
  • Rotatable ring curettes offer flexibility and reduce the number of required configurations

Krisht Microvascular Neurosurgical Instruments

  • Comprehensive selection of instruments for delicate microvascular anastomosis procedures
  • Wide spectrum of coverage - high and low flow bypasses
  • Efficient system with color-coded instruments and trays

Al Mefty Skull Base Neurosurgical Instruments

  • Designed to incorporate ergonomic principles that enhance precision and dexterity
  • Shaft is optimized for precision grip and fine movements
  • Sharp tips allow for precise dissection, while a blunt outer contour protects surrounding tissues

YASARGIL microform Micro Instruments

Gold standard designed by Prof. Gazi M. Yasargil - a "must have" for every micro neurosurgeon.


  • Improved view due to bayonet-shaped instruments
  • Secure grip – reliable grasping and holding due to finger molds
  • Superior balance – drill holes for lower weights
  • Good hand support between thumb and index finger


  • Bayonet-shaped instruments
  • Drill holes for lower weights
  • Scissors straight, curved up, curved down, angled sideways and serrated
  • Forceps, straight, serrated
  • Tumor grasping forceps, spoon-shaped, serrated, curette-shaped
  • Needle holder, straight and bent up
  • YASARGIL micro instruments are available in various lengths


Micro Coil Scissors

Standard scissors can be damaged when cutting coils, whereas the micro coil scissors, with its robust blades, cuts the wire smoothly.


  • Smooth cutting of coil wires 
  • Serrated blades prevent the coil from slipping out of the jaws 
  • Ideal for tough tissue as well 
  • Perfect force transmission – less force to be applied for cutting hard wires


  • Micro scissors made of high quality surgical steel
  • Extremely robust and serrated cutting blades
  • Double hinge for a perfect force transmission
  • Color coded instrument stop button to limit opening width
  • Handle with finger molds offers a safe, balanced grip with high comfort

SENSATION Micro Instruments

SENSATION micro instruments are characterized by their sensationally fine tips.


  • Extra delicate and fine jaws for delicate microsurgery
  • Angled bayonet shape for enhanced sight lines
  • Color-coded handles for easy identification and textured handles for ergonomic grip
  • Slender jaws for optimal visibility and access to tight corridors


  • NOIR™ Scissors to reduce light reflections
  • Scissors with straight, curved up, curved down or angled cutting blades
  • Certain scissors with sharp/sharp, sharp/blunt or blunt/blunt tips
  • Forceps with fine tips, teeth or serrated tumor grasping tips
  • Needle holder for needle sizes of 7/0 or smaller
  • Available in different tips, working length and different sizes


XS Micro Instruments

Extremely thin shaft design and, thereby, almost completely unobstructed view and – ideal attributes for operations in particularly narrow sites.


  • Extremely slim instrument due to axial tubular shaft construction
  • Bayonet handle and jaws allow a perfect view
  • Extremely fine working ends
  • Replacement of individual components


  • Scissors in a straight and curved version
  • Forceps and Tumor grasping forceps in bayonet shape
  • Disassemble into two components

Diamond Knives - Brilliant cutting precision through ultra sharp diamond blades

Outstanding cutting properties for extremely clean, precise and force-free incisions.


  • High stability and resistance to wear due to blades made of natural diamond
  • Exceptional sharpness – virtually force-free incisions
  • Smooth cut – no tearing during incisions
  • Good visual control during incisions


  • Ergonomic titanium handle
  • Color code for easy identification of blade geometry
  • Blade retractable in handle for safe storage
  • Connector for reprocessing, to rinse the instrument
  • Diamond knives are available in four different blade geometries: round, retro, 45° wedge and lancet blades

EC/IC Bypass Instruments

Special Instruments for ExtraCranial/IntraCranial bypasses.

  • Round golf ball handle design ... secure grip ... easy rotation
  • Fine instrument tips, which are particularly important for these anatomical conditions
  • Adapted working lengths (short, medium, long)
  • NOIR, No Irritating Reflections. The aesthetic black Noir® surface coating effectively prevents disturbing light reflections
  • Micro scissors for very fine, delicate incisions, e.g. to expose fine vessels in bypass surgery
  • Micro forceps for grasping fine, delicate tissue, e.g. to hold the vessels during anastomosis in bypass surgery
  • Needle holder for grasping fine needles and suture material for suturing in bypass surgery
  • Vessel punch for punching holes in vessels for subsequent anastomosis
  • AVM clip applier forceps for applying AVM clips