Kerrisons for Neurosurgery

Standard and Specialty Bone Punches

Aesculap has manufactured KERRISON bone punches for more than 100 years. The high quality of the Aesculap KERRISON bone punches is a result of this longstanding experience.

Standard Kerrisons 

  • Over 250 patterns
  • Detachable and Non-detachable styles
  • Detachable NOIR™ coated styles to reduce light reflections
  • Standard and thin footplates
  • Detachable styles can be disassembled without any tools in only three steps

Specialty Kerrisons

  • Laminectomy design with extra large opening
  • Foraminotomy design with upward curve allows for easier bone removal
  • Bayonet design allows increased visibility to the surgical site
  • Designs available in 2 mm - 5 mm patterns