Asset Repair and Maintenance Programs

Extend the Life of Your Instruments

Aesculap Technical Services is your partner in preserving the quality and extending the value of your surgical instrumentation and equipment. Aesculap offers customizable service packages to give you the peace of mind that your surgical assets will be maintained and performing at peak performance.

With Aesculap instrument repair, you can be sure every instrument functions properly and will be available when you need it. Aesculap preventative maintenance programs keep the surgical fleet in top working condition and extend the useful life of surgical assets. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance, you will identify risk earlier in the life cycle of the fleet. This will keep your repair cost to a minimum and promote overall satisfaction with the OR staff.

Aesculap Techinician with repair center in background

Customized Programs and Services

Aesculap offers a variety of customizable maintenance solutions. Instruments can be sent for full repair and refurbishment at our National Repair Facility. For on-site service, our fleet of mobile labs can be scheduled to handle all of your maintenance needs right at your facility. Or, if you require a more constant level of maintenance, Aesculap will establish a full -service lab, staffed with a trained technician, within your hospital. 

Each facility is different and so are your billing needs. Aesculap offers line-item, daily capitated, and monthly capitated options to provide you with payment options based around your budget.

We want to partner with you to preserve your assets and Operate with Greater Precision. 

Chart showing Aesculap customized programs and services

Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services

Aesculap technicians in repair center
  • General Instruments
  • Endoscope Instruments
  • Power Instruments
Aesculap technician examining SterilContainer lid
  • Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes
  • Micro-Neuro Instruments
  • Visual Systems
Aesculap technician examining SterilContainer part
  • SterilContainer Systems
  • And more...

The Aesculap Instrument Repair and Refursbishment Process

Aesculap technician examining surgical scissors through microscope

The Aesculap Craftsman

Trained craftsmen and experienced instrument makers refurbish your instruments to “like-new” condition. The instrument restoration process is entirely dependent upon the expertise of the craftsmen. Factory-trained master technicians must complete a three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship. During this time, the technicians learn the art and science of instrument making, beginning with raw materials and culminating with finished goods. Extensive testing and certification at the end of the apprenticeship assure that each technician meets the rigorous standards set for all Aesculap service technicians. After the apprenticeship, continuous training requirements for the master technicians ensure that their skills remain at a high level. Highly-skilled Aesculap technicians bring your instruments back to life.

Quality Assurance

Aesculap goes beyond repair and maintenance services by offering a variety of assurance programs so that you are never without the instruments and equipment you need.

In addition to your onsite repair services, your Field Service Technician will provide replacement instruments for your common non-repairable patterns*. Repair Assurance decreases set downtime by automatically replacing instruments as they reach the end-of-life or become non-repairable. This not only saves you time but also saves you on purchasing replacement instruments. Repair Assurance is designed to be a comprehensive solution to your instrument repair and instrument replacement needs.

Aesculap Container Assurance is an expansion of the Repair Assurance but includes the replacement of non-repairable Aesculap SterilContainer Systems.

Assurance programs for the following products are also available:

  • ELAN®4 Power Systems
  • Aeculap AEOS™ Digital Microscope
  • KAIRison® Pneumatic Kerrison
  • Scope (Rigid/Flex) Exchange

*Predetermined patterns per contract.