Cranial Fixation

Cranial Fixation Solutions

Aesculap offers a full range of products for the fixation of cranial bone flaps and fractures. With everything from double-sided fixation, to plates, screws and storage trays, Aesculap is the solution for all of your cranial fixation needs.

Surgeries of the brain and spine are among the most delicate and demanding procedures in the field of medicine. As a neurosurgeon, you expect excellence from the instruments and devices you use to treat your patients. Aesculap’s exacting standards and commitment to quality have made us a trusted choice for neurosurgeons worldwide. From initial incision to complete closure, our treatment solutions will help you to provide outstanding patient care.

CranioFix® 2 Titanium Clamp System

As the first double-sided fixation system on the market, the CranioFix System revolutionized neurosurgery by giving neurosurgeons a way to achieve maximum flap stability while saving valuable time in the operating room.

Aesculap improved on its history of success with the next generation of cranial fixation, CranioFix2. With the CranioFix2 System, bone flaps are fixed in less than two minutes. Over 3.5 million successfully implanted clamps have helped patients in more than 60 countries.


  • Fast and easy application
  • Excellent reliability
  • Brilliant stability
  • Extraordinary smooth and safe operation
  • Fixation of craniotomized cranial bone flaps
  • Fixation of fractures at the brain skull


  • Well-known implant-material (Titanium alloy)
  • High bio-compatibility
  • MR-conditional

CranioFix® Absorbable Fixation System

CranioFix Absorbable is a double-sided bone flap fixation system that provides secure cranial fixation upon implantation, but absorbs into the body over a period of 24 to 36 months. This system supports the complete osseointegration of cranial flaps in both pediatric and adult patients.*


  • Integrated strain-relief mechanism 
  • Instrument-free application 
  • Smooth flat surface of low-profile implant 
  • No cleaning, reprocessing or sterilization


  • Absorbable fixation system for cranial bone flaps


  • No artifacts regarding postoperative CT or MR imaging 
  • Sterile packaging

Neuro Plating System

The universal and reliable plates and screws solution. 0.4mm plates and screws made of titanium with the highest pull-out force when compared to market leading systems.* Neuro Plating System has an excellent connection between screwdriver blade and screw, and a battery powered screwdriver allows for fast screw insertion.


  • Small palpability due to low profile
  • Covers a wide range of indications in cranial fixation
  • Easy and smooth screw insertion


  • Selective trauma of the cranial skeleton, cranial surgery, and reconstructive procedure


  • MRI examinations using magnetic fields of 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla do not present an additional risk to implant wearers

*Data on file