SQ.track™ Instrument Tracking Software

Surgical Inventory Management Reinvented

SQ.track Software is not only instrument tracking - it’s a holistic inventory management system that combines world-class innovation and simple, easy-to-use software with experienced surgical inventory management specialists who can help you get more out of your tracking system.

Aesculap, a leader in surgical instrumentation, sterilization containers and surgical asset management, has joined forces with Ascendco, a cutting-edge software developer pioneering new and innovative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Together, we offer an innovative and uniquely supportive tracking software ecosystem to help you manage your surgical inventory like never before.

Two men in scrubs looking at computer tablet

New Data Driven Insights and Efficiencies

With SQ.track Instrument Tracking Software, you can gain:

  • Easy access to meaningful analytics, leveraging a powerful analytics engine capable of unlocking the answers to your most difficult asset or inventory questions.
  • A cloud-based system where changes, upgrades and fast support are the new normal.
  • Experienced Aesculap Healthcare Solutions Specialists who can help you evaluate your data and turn insights into implementable action plans.

Go Beyond a Standard Instrument Tracking System

Our tools have the ability to give you a real-time picture of the health of your instrument fleet at the touch of a button. The SQ.track Software can provide you with insights and information to open a new world of security and efficiency for your facility, removing the guessing game that comes along with instrument management and allowing you to focus on what matters: the health and safety of your patients.

  • Digital transformation - no more paper or spreadsheets
  • Interfaces with all your major sterilization equipment
  • Decrease risk of not having the right inventory when you need it
  • Increase efficiency of your team and your inventory
  • Reduce case delays
  • Reduce process, pattern and vendor variation
  • Reduce errors/incidents/events
  • Reduce frustrations and team friction
  • End shift wars
  • Resource justification
  • Enhance co-employee engagement with OR
  • Systems and people speak the same language

Have the instruments you need, when you need them, sterile and in the right condition.

  • Reduce labor costs and processing costs and time
  • Reduce OR count time and the quantity of instruments brought into the OR
  • Reduce the waste of unused instruments and make the most efficient tray possible
  • Achieve pattern standardization
  • Maintain supplier standardization
  • Develop plans for containerizing instrument sets that provide the most ROI
  • Easily update and maintain count sheets
  • Analyze opportunities to maximize instrument repair intervals to reduce instrument wear and tear