MINOP® TREND Transnasal

Transnasal Endoscopic System for Pituitary and Skull Base Surgery

The MINOP TREND (TRansnasal ENDoscopy) addresses extended transnasal/transsphenoidal approaches to the pituitary and skull base. It is not only a perfect system for those new to transnasal endoscopy, it also inspires advanced users to go further and perform extended approaches of the pituitary region and areas of the skull base. Our TRENDsetter is a well-balanced endoscope system offering high ergonomics and a brilliant picture as well as specially developed instruments.

Benefits of Aesculap Neuroendoscopes

  • FULL HD compatible endoscopes (working length: 120 mm)
  • Ergonomic handle design and optimum weight distribution
  • Suction and irrigation prevents the optic from misting
  • Brilliant 4 mm optics in 0° and 30° viewing angles allow reliable optical control of the surgical dissection
  • Revolvable endoscope shaft with angled optics permits direct visualization of hidden corners of the operating field
  • Slim handle for unimpeded paraendoscopic manipulation
  • Smooth and secure attachment to a holding arm
  • Lightweight, stable connection to a navigation system
  • Elongated shaft for perfect visualization of deep structures, especially when using “extended approaches” to the cranial base
MINOP® TREND Transnasal Endoscopic System for Pituitary and Skull Base Surgery