Holding and Positioning

Mechanical Holding Arm and Steering System

Simple, stable and smooth are the major characteristics of the Aesculap Mechanical Holding Arm. The Mechanical Holding Arm gives the user a stable performance while still providing excellent flexibility and maneuverability for neuroendoscopes. Aesculap offers a large selection of adapters, instruments, trocars and scopes for use in a variety of indications.

Benefits of the Aesculap Mechanical Holding Arm

  • Easy mechanical fixation by clamping handle
  • Small, flexible joints for fine positioning
  • Autoclavable in five minutes
  • Full range of accessories/adapters for connecting Aesculap endoscopes, trocars and instruments
  • Holding Arm fits into regular Standard 1/1 Container


Aesculap Mechanical Holding Arm

NeuroPilot® Micro Steering System

NeuroPilot® Micro Steering System - Fine Positioning for Neuroendoscopes

The NeuroPilot is a unique steering mechanism for neuroendsocopes. In all surgical procedures, fine corrections or adjustments are necessary after positioning the neuroendoscope to receive the optimal endoscopic image. With traditional holding devices only a rough positioning is possible; the NeuroPilot Micro Steering System provides a precise and fine steering of the neuroendoscope to achieve clearer visualization.

Advantages of the NeuroPilot Steering System

  • Easy attachment of the neuroendoscope to the NeuroPilot
  • NeuroPilot is compatible with Aesculap UNITRAC™ and Mechanical Holding Arm
  • Precise steering of the neuroendoscope in three-dimensions
  • Safe maneuvering in the sub-millimeter range
  • Adapters and Inserts available for use with all Aesculap neuroendoscopes