Intracranial Endoscope-Assisted Microneurosurgery

The angled neuroendoscopes are specially designed for endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery – particularly in combination with the OR microscope. Angled neuroendoscopes are the solution for visualization of hidden structures without additional opening or retraction in tumor, aneurysm or pituitary surgery. Advantages of the endoscopic image include increased light, extended viewing angles, and a better depiction of anatomical details in close-up. The use of dedicated microneurosurgical instruments is a crucial component of any transcranial endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery.

Benefits of Aesculap Neuroendoscopes

  • FULL HD compatible endoscopes (Working Length: 6”, Shaft Diameter: 4mm)
  • Rigid rod lens endoscopes provide an excellent image quality and an ideal illumination of details in deep seated operating areas
  • Three different viewing angles (0°, 30°, 70°) provide additional picture information parallel to the view through the microscope
  • Angled design allows the simultaneous use of micro instruments
  • Designed for lateral connection and compatibility with HD Camera and Lightsource

Note: We recommend using bayonet-shaped micro instruments, e.g. XS Micro Instruments, SENSATION Micro Instruments, RAABE Micro Suction Cannulas or the TREND instruments, for skull base endoscopy.

Aesculap HD Endoscope for endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery