Prosa®  Valve

Adjustable Siphon Control

The proSA Valve represents the latest development in gravitational technology from MIETHKE. The proSA Valve adds the benefits of adjustability to the proven performance of the ShuntAssistant™ Valve, giving surgeons the ability to adjust shunt pressure specifically for the upright positions, where patients are at the greatest risk of overdrainage. Combined with a differential pressure valve, the proSA Valve provides the ability to adjust pressure for the supine and upright positions independently.


Like other valves in the Aesculap-Miethke line, the proSA Valve is a gravitational valve, which means it provides resistance to cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow in the upright position. Implanted in combination with fixed or adjustable valves, the proSA Valve allows surgeons to provide their patients with distinctly different pressure settings for the lying and the upright positions, thereby reducing the symptoms that are experienced when intracranial pressures (ICP’s) are too low or too high.


The proSA Valve is adjustable, which allows the upright pressure to be managed independently from the lying pressure. This eliminates the need to find a “middle road” between optimal lying and standing pressures, reducing patient symptoms and allowing patients to lead as close to a symptom-free life as possible. 


The wide adjustability range from 0-40 cmH2O enables surgeons to manage the needs of a wide selection of patient types or patient needs such as height or weight changes. The proSA Valve's resistance can be reduced to zero if a gravitational valve is not needed, or increased if more resistance is required.  With a maximum setting of 40 cmH2O, the proSA Valve, when combined with a fixed or adjustable valve, gives surgeons the highest opening pressure available for the upright positions.


The proSA Valve's integrated Active-Lock MR brake helps prevent the valve from inadvertent pressure adjustments in 1.5 and 3T MRI scanners, and the need for re-adjustments after an MRI.