miniNAV®  Valve

The MIETHKE Differential Pressure Valve

The miniNAV Valve is the world's smallest differential pressure valve with reliable drainage control for the treatment of hydrocephalus. It's ultra small size and streamlined shape make it an ideal choice for the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus, especially in premature and newborn infants.

The miniNAV Valve is also useful in treating recumbent patients where a gravitational valve is not needed. For active patients, we recommend combining the miniNAV Valve with the ShuntAssistant® Valve or using the paediGAV® or GAV® Valves.

Features and Benefits:

  • Titanium housing allows the miniNAV Valve to be made extremely small, but still have large flow paths to help reduce the risk of obstruction
  • Ultra-small size and streamlined shape for fast, easy implantation and improved aesthetics.
  • Available in four pressure levels to help manage the complex needs of different patients
  • Features a unique zero cm H2O opening pressure choice for use in creating low pressure anti-reflux systems.