DualSwtich® Valve

Special valve design for patients with increased level of tumor cells, debris or blood cells

The DualSwitch Valve was the first gravitational valve developed by MIETHKE. It combines a unique dual-chamber design with a gravitational component to provide both low and high pressures in one valve. The DualSwitch Valve is especially useful in lumbar applications where strong, durable valves are needed. With the DualSwitch Valve, your lumbar shunt patients can also benefit from a gravitational valve.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique gravitational technology provides increased resistance as patients become upright, greatly reducing or eliminating overdrainage.
  • Enables the surgeon to use different opening pressures for the supine and standing positions, managing overdrainage complications and patient discomfort.
  • Titanium housing allows the DualSwitch Valve to be made extremely durable, which is crucial for lumbar placement.
  • Large valve chamber design allows for large CSF areas and large flow volumes to help reduce the risk of obstruction.
  • Available in different pressure combinations to help manage the complex needs of different patients.