Bipolar Forceps

Latest Technology in Bipolar Forceps

Aesculap's extensive line of more than 200 bipolar forceps range from the classic Yasargil style, with increased tension for tissue preparation, to our Rose Gold Forceps, offering the latest technology in the reduction of tissue adhesion. Bipolar forceps are available in irrigating and non-irrigating, stainless steel or titanium, straight or bayoneted, insulated or non-insulated, and reusable or disposable, to offer the surgeon the optimal instrument for their clinical needs. Aesculap also offers a generator to accommodate the entire line of Rose Gold bipolar forceps. 

Variety of Bipolar Forceps with Generator. Insert of close-up of Rose Gold Bipolar Forcep tip.

Non-Irrigating Bipolar Forceps

Aesculap non-irrigating bipolar forceps are available in stainless steel and Rose Gold. Strong tension models are offered for blunt spreading of tissue. Every instrument is equipped with a parallel guiding handle for exact tip alignment.

Yasargil Style Bipolar Forceps

Stainless steel, insulated forceps that have a classic Yasargil bipolar design with increased spring tension for tissue preparation and dissection. The microform, three-hole handle design provides a good grip for precise handling.

Landolt Forceps

Designed for keyhole and transnasal approaches, these scissor handle bipolar forceps are both detachable and reusable. These unique forceps are available in 90 degree or 120 degree tip angles. 

Rose Gold Tip Bipolar Forceps

Rose Gold tips reduce tissue adhesion and are available in multiple configurations and sizes. These forceps are equipped with a standard, universal pin connector. Rose Gold bipolar forceps are available in non-irrigating, irrigating and disposable patterns. 

Irrigating Bipolar Forceps

Aesculap irrigating bipolar forceps are available in stainless steel and rose gold. The irrigating forceps are designed to reduce overheating at the coagulation point and flush the surgical site for improved visualization. 

Disposable Bipolar Forceps

Aesculap disposable bipolar forceps are sterile single-use instruments available in stainless steel and rose gold. Aesculap disposable forceps are equipped with a solid 12 foot cord (non-irrigating models only) and eliminate any reprocessing needs.

Specialty Disposable Forceps

These yellow specialty non-stick bipolar forceps have a lightweight handle that provides excellent balance and precision.

Bipolar Forceps Generator

The HF Bipolar Coagulation Generator utilizes the latest in electrosurgical technology. Current and flow are measured in real time to effectively reduce sparks. Settings and power level can be easily changed with a single, control knob. The associated Irrigation Unit allows for precise adjustment of drop size and flow rate, while reducing overheating at the coagulation point.