Surgical Instrument and Equipment Repair

From Full Service Instrument Repairs to Instrument Refurbishing

Surgical Instrument and Equipment RepairAesculap Technical Service (ATS) is committed to ensuring quality performance throughout the life of every instrument. Aesculap's commitment to quality does not end after an instrument is purchased. With instrument repair and refurbishment services, you can be sure that every instrument functions properly and is available when you need it.

The highest performance is maintained through regular service and repair, keeping surgeons satisfied and improving patient care.

Skilled craftsman and trained instrument makers will refurbish your surgical instruments to "like new " condition, quickly and conveniently. We use the same precision equipment in our repair facility that is used to manufacture these instruments at Aesculap in Tuttlingen, Germany. Factory spare parts give Aesculap the ability to repair your instrumentation with quality materials that match the original. This protects your instrument from contamination and corrosion, further reducing repair, replacement costs and down time.

Instrument Refursbishing

Our Repair Services Include:

Full Service Repairs

  • General Instruments
  • Endo Instruments
  • Powered Instruments
  • Endoscopes
  • Micro-Neuro Instruments
  • Cardiovascular Instruments
  • Visual Systems

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  • Gold Dipping
  • Diamond Dusting
  • Color Coating
  • Custom Modifications
  • Etching
  • Re-insulation 

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Aesculap Technical Services

Aesculap Mobile Repair Service

    The Mobile Repair Vans are fully furnished with equipment to meet your surgical instrument repair needs. 

    Outstanding Service

    • Same day repair turnaround
    • Instruments repaired at your facility
    • Knowledgeable surgical instrument repair technician on-site
    • Reduces instruments replacement costs
    • Customized repairs and immediate quality control

    Premium Quality

    • All instruments are repaired by our trained craftsmen on precision equipment ensuring the consistent quality you have come to expect from Aesculap.
    • Inspection, repair, sharpening, cleaning and lubrication of all general surgical instruments
    • Complete tray and set refurbishing available
    • Sterilization container repair
    • Electrosurgical instrument repair and re-insulation
    • Insulation testing of your endoscopic instruments

    For information on Mobile Van Repairs contact 800-214-3392 or

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