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As Sterile Processing professionals, you are faced with a constantly changing healthcare environment and it can feel overwhelming to stay on top of current events,  guidelines and the latest industry trends. Aesculap understands how important it is for proper education and training in the SPD and we are dedicated to sharing our expertise on the complete surgical instrument process, from manufacturing through sterilization and repairs. We’re committed to helping Sterile Processing professionals excel at their jobs and in their careers. That’s why we’ve created specialized resources, tools and insights relevant to SPD departments. In this section of our website, you will find professional tips and advice written by Aesculap’s expert SPD consultants, who all have extensive experience working in sterile processing departments, as well as product resources and guidance from our product experts.

Explore the information below to gain insights from our more than 140 years in advancing healthcare through manufacturing, repairs and consulting.



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