Skin Staplers

The Manipler AZ is a sterile, single-use skin stapler, designed to deliver 35 stainless steel staples at the end of surgical procedures.



  • High Quality, Lightweight Design

Well balanced, lightweight instrument that offers consistent, reliable performance

  • Flexible Placement Angle

Allows for a choice in staple placement depth

  • Grip Designed for Best Visualization

The shape of the device enables a clear view of the wound edges

  • Precise Staple Counting

Staple count indicator provides a direct view of remaining staples

Item No. Product Design Staple Information Staple Dimensions Units
    Type No. Crown Length Per Box
783100 Manipler AZ Wide 35 6.9 mm 3.6 mm 6
783101 Single use skin staple remover         6
783102 Reusable skin staple remover         1


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