MINOP® Modular Neuroendoscopy System

Neuroendoscopy System


MINOP<sup>®</sup> Modular Neuroendoscopy SystemThe MINOP® system is a multifunctional and modular neuroendoscopy system primarily for intraventricular indications, although it can be used for endoscope-assisted neurosurgery. It consists out of 3 different trocars for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, several instruments, electrodes, accessories and especially 2 different endoscopes. Its unique angled design makes the MINOP® system easy to handle and very universal in use. The MINOP® system is known for its atraumatic tip of the trocar, its rigid instruments with steering wheel as well as the possibility to work bi-instrumental with both hands. A disposable introducer set (also known as peel away) facilitates the process of introducing the MINOP® system through the brain parenchym.


  • FULL HD compatible endoscopes
  • Different directions of view (0°, 30°)
  • Blunt distal tip of trocar and depth marking for atraumatic insertion 
  • Straight working channel for rigid instruments increase control and precision
  • Bi-instrumental working (with both hands) 
  • Detachable instruments for reprocessing
  • Lateral connection of cables for unhindered view along trocar shaft


  • Intraventricular and endoscope-assisted endoscopic surgery


  • 2 endoscopes, outer diameter 2.7 mm, viewing direction 0° and 30°
  • 3 trocars, outer diameters 3.2 mm / 4.6 mm / 6 mm
  • Rigid tube shaft instruments, outer diamter 2.0 mm 
  • Flexible instruments for bi-instrumental working, outer diameter 1.0 mm
  • Detachable instruments enable to exchange spare parts
  • Rotation knob for easy and precise rotation of jaw part of rigid instruments
  • Sharp and blunt scissors, biopsy forceps, dissecting forceps, surgical micro forceps
  • Bipolar and monopolar electrodes
  • Disposable introducer set


We recommend to use an introducer set (peel away) for atraumatic insertion into the ventricles (FH604SU).

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