Aesculap, Inc. Launches Online Surgical Asset Management Resource Center for Central Service Professionals

New Educational Website Provides Central Service Professionals With Sterile Processing Tools and Resources

Center Valley, PA (September 23, 2014) – Aesculap, Inc., a leader in surgical technology and central service optimization practices, today announced it has officially launched its online educational Surgical Asset Management Resource Center. Dedicated to helping Central Service professionals excel at their jobs and in their careers,  Aesculap’s Surgical Asset Management Resource Center houses tools, insights and resources relevant to CS departments. The information provided on the site includes both original content, written by Aesculap’s expert CS consultants who all have extensive experience working in CS departments, and industry news, which is aggregated from the industry’s top publications. The site functions as a comprehensive resource for CS professionals looking to expand their CS knowledge.

“While there are many disparate resources available to Central Service professionals – including high-quality industry trade publications and top industry associations – we’ve found it’s difficult for CS professionals to find a one-stop resource for all there is to know about their trade,” said Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap, Inc. “Over time, it is our plan and goal to build out our Resource Center to the point that we become that resource. In a time when CS professionals are busier than ever, we look forward to providing them with a singular, objective news and reference site they can visit on a daily basis.”
All original Aesculap expert-produced commentary pieces are research and experience-based insights – written as unbiased news articles. Information on the Resource Center is categorized  into the 10 content areas most relevant to CS professionals:

 1.   Industry Standards
 2.   Decontamination
 3.   Sterilization
 4.   Assembly
 5.   Storage/Containers
 6.   Instrument Quality
 7.   Instrument Optimization
 8.   Process Management
 9.   Staffing & Training
10.  Enterprise Value

“Through our experience working with CS departments around the country, we’ve discovered  CS professionals are avid learners who crave knowledge on how they can better their understanding of the industry and better the quality of their work,” said Yale Graves, Vice President of Marketing of Aesculap, Inc. “These professionals are the engine of hospitals, and we are pleased to bring them the insights and expertise that will enable them to help their hospitals provide high-quality patient care in a way that has a positive impact on the quality of their instruments and the value of their instrumentation budgets.” 

Aesculap’s Surgical Asset Management Resource Center can be accessed at

Amy Burkey
Senior Project Manager – Corporate Communications
Aesculap, Inc.

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