Valve Surgery

Valve XS Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery Instruments and Retractors

The Valve XS product line consists of instruments and retractors for minimally invasive heart valve surgery. The name of the product denotes accessing the heart valves through an extra small incision. The Valve XS system includes elongated instruments designed for use through a port or small incision as well as retractors to support a mini-thoracotomy approach.

System Overview: 

  • Instruments available in 7", 9" and 11" lengths to treat all four valves
  • Better handling from incorporated "Golf-Ball“ handle design
  • Color coding to assist with instrument identification
  • Atrium retractor with v-shaped blades for better conformance to the atrium

Valve XS Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery Instruments

High quality instruments and accessories designed for minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

System Overview:

  • Instruments available in three different lengths to treat all four valves
  • Two lateral rib retractors – rigid and with double joint
  • Metzenbaum and Potts-Diethrich scissors in different curvatures and angles
  • Needle holders with incorporated tungsten carbide technology
  • Forceps with atraumatic DeBakey toothing or Resano-toothing

Valve XS Atrium Retractor

The innovative and flexible design of the Valve XS Atrium Retractor allows you to precisely position the blade for optimal visibility and increased access to the heart.

System Overview:

  • V-shaped retractor blades conform to the anatomical structure of the atrium
  • More flexibility in retractor placement
  • Additional single use lateral blade for mitral valve