MiniPort Trocar System

The trend towards ever decreasing incision size is driving the demand for smaller diameter instruments. The Aesculap MiniPort Trocar decreases incision size by approximately 30 to 40% compared to a typical 5 mm system. 1

The MiniPort trocar is compatible with our 3.5 mm laparoscopic instrument line as well as other 3.5 mm instruments.

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Close-up of Aesculap Miniport Trocar

Close-up of Aesculap Reusable Trocar System

Reusable Trocar System

The exceptionally lightweight, low profile and ergonomic design of the Aesculap reusable trocar system provides hospitals with a cost-effective alternative to disposable trocars. We offer a comprehensive selection of rigid and flexible options.

  • Rigid trocars come in four different diameter sizes (3.5, 5, 10, and 12 mm) and three different lengths (60, 110, and 150 mm), as well as smooth or threaded versions with or without a stopcock
  • Flexible trocars allow for the insertion of curved and specialty jaw patterns and are available in 7 mm and 13 mm diameters

Single-Use Trocar System

Sterile packaged trocars are available when you need them, providing increased intra-operative efficiency. Our single-use trocar system comes in 3.5, 5, 10, 12 mm single-use sleeves with dilating trocar pins and/or complete trocar sets available in different lengths.

Variety of sterile packaged Single-Use Trocars