ShuntAssistant® Valve

Gravitational add-on valve to prevent overdrainage symptoms

The ShuntAssistant Valve is one of the revolutionary products developed by MIETHKE. It is a streamlined gravitational valve designed for use in combination with an adjustable or non-adjustable differential pressure valve to add increased resistance to a shunt system as a patient changes position.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique gravitational technology provides increased resistance as patient moves upright, greatly reducing or eliminating overdrainage.
  • Enables the surgeon to use different opening pressues for supine and standing positions, managing overdrainage complications and patient discomfort.
  • Titanium housing allows the ShuntAssistant Valve to be made extremely small, but still have large flow paths to help reduce the risk of obstruction.
  • Can be easily added to an existing shunt system, providing the benefits of gravitational technology.
  • Six pressures give surgeons options to customize a shunt system to help manage the complex needs of patients.