Cardiothoracic Specialty Instruments

NOIR Dissecting Scissors

The combination of the renowned Aesculap tungsten carbide technology and non-reflective NOIR coating results in excellent wear resistance for precise dissection. Our NOIR Dissecting Scissors are available in wide range of lengths from 110 mm to 350 mm.

  • NOIR coating – hard surface for high wear resistance
  • Microtome edge –  sharp for smooth cutting with little force
  • Wavecut – optional feature helps prevents slipping of tissue
  • Different designs – Metzenbaum, Baby-Metzenbaum, Tönnis-Adson, Mayo, Nelson-Metzenbaum, Lexer
Close-up of NOIR™ dissecting scissors

TAVI-MIDCAB Rib Retractor

TAVI-MIDCAB Rib Retractor

The TAVI-MIDCAB Retractor is designed for Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass procedures. The retractor provides improved visibility and access to the surgical site due to:

  • Double flexible blade design - maximizes visual tunnel while conforming to anatomy
  • Low profile frame
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Multitude of mounting positions for mechanical stabilizer in MIDCAB
  • Suction capability

AtRactor Atraumatic Retractor System

The AtRactor Retractor System is an all-in-one sternal retractor appropriate for all open heart procedures. This atraumatic retractor incorporates a number of innovative features that was designed with the intent to reduce patient trauma, including:

  • V-shaped retractor arms - conforms to the natural anatomical opening of the sternum rather than forcing a parallel opening
  • Rotating blades - allow for even more adaptability to patient specific anatomy
  • IMA Connector System - reduces potential for rib fracture by transferring force from patient's sternum to OR table
AtRactor Atraumatic Retractor System