SPD Consulting

Consultants Aim to Improve OR and Sterile Processing Department (SPD)

Expert consultants apply industry best practices and process improvements to your facility’s Central Sterile Department and Operating Rooms to improve both operational and financial performance. Aesculap’s consultants not only identify the root cause issues but also assist the facility with hands-on implementation of customized solutions.

Aesculap SPD Consulting Options: 

  • Quick Scan Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Set Optimization 

    Quick Scan Analysis

    An Onsite assessment of your OR and Sterile Processing Department (SPD) to customize a solution that meets your strategic goals.

    • Offering you strategic recommendations for long-term process improvements
    • Hands-on best practices and benchmark data provide immediate impact and real results

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    Inventory Analysis

    A detailed analysis of your existing surgical instrument inventory by our team of technicians, nurses and instrument experts.

    • Analyze and document the quality of your current instrument inventory
    • Supply recommendations for care and handling that will prolong your instrument life
    • Analyze Instrument inventory levels to determine if sufficient to meet hospital procedure volume

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    Set Optimization Consulting

    Having the right instruments in the right set for the right procedure.

    • Having only the instruments you most commonly use in a set to minimize reprocessing costs
    • Reduced weight of instrument trays and better ergonomics result in less work for the SPD staff
    • Inventory can be reallocated to reduce your need to purchase additional back-up supplies

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